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Raw Craft with Anthony Bourdain - Episode Five: Arion Press (2015) (youtu.be)

Anthony Bourdain & The Balvenie head to San Francisco, California to meet with Andrew Hoyem, master typographer and printer of Arion Press. One of the last of its kind, Arion Press has only a handful of members on its staff, all fellow craftsmen dedicated to this age old process. Each works meticulously to create the books in...

The infrastructural conditions of (de-)growth: The case of the internet (www.sciencedirect.com)

Infrastructure studies represent a domain that remains significantly uncharted among degrowth scholars. This is paradoxical considering that infrastructures constitute a fundamental prerequisite for the equitable distribution of many aspects of human well-being that degrowth proponents emphasize. Nonetheless, the substantial...

Comparing the carbon footprints of urban and conventional agriculture (www.nature.com)

Urban agriculture (UA) is a widely proposed strategy to make cities and urban food systems more sustainable. Until now, we have lacked a comprehensive assessment of the environmental performance of UA relative to conventional agriculture, and results from earlier studies have been mixed. This is the first large-scale study to...

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A schizophrenic person in one culture may be a cleric in another.

yeah there are some zany established differences in the manifestation of schizophrenia between cultures and how it’s treated—religious visions, interestingly, tend to be a rather Christian manifestation of schizophrenia and apparently are not so common even in other Abrahamic-dominated countries

Against Disruption: On the Bulletpointization of Books (lithub.com)

I’m not saying that all self-help is bad. There’s always been an audience for short and snappy self-improvement books (there’s a reason why there are only 7 Habits, not 70), and that’s just fine. But I do worry about a larger phenomenon that I’ll call the bulletpointification of books and media....

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i wonder if the best way to think about self-help as a genre is as a sort of placebo genre, where the act of engaging with the genre is a more useful act toward whatever you want to do than actually reading any particular book.

Unreliable Pedestrian Detection and Driver Alerting in Intelligent Vehicles (www.researchgate.net)

Vehicles with advanced driving assist systems that automatically steer, accelerate and brake are popular, but associated with increased driver distraction. This distraction coupled with unreliable autonomous system performance leads to vehicles that may be at higher risk for striking pedestrians. To this end, this study tested...

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imo the most productive way to deal with the inherent anxiety is just to do something or be engaged in something, however small–being in an organization you can devote even a few hours to a month is usually a godsend in this regard, whether that’s DSA or Sunrise or Food Not Bombs, or a non-American equivalent to these groups. it’s so, so much harder to default to assuming nothing will get better if you surround yourself with people and groups fighting to make things better

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