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Leaked documents from Samsung

What logic does Samsung think that it’s a good idea to destroy an entire phone just because of it using a third party part.


Honestly they don’t have to lower the price. If they just opened up the software I would make the jump.

Sony already does this and doesn’t do the stupid camera drm anymore now.


You have been able to buy Sony phones unlocked and able to get the bootloader. But with the IV/V Sony lock it because of Verizon. https://lemdro.id/pictrs/image/a1b7d946-2f4f-4002-a396-62e9efd6bb5d.png

There are ways to bypass it on xda.


Sony will do the bare minimum that they are forced to. So 5 years due to the EU. Repairability idk about that. Parts are hard to source outside of Asia for Xperia phones.


I hope they improve the amp for the jack at least.

  • The naming is dreadful. What comes after the Xperia 1? Why the Xperia 1 II of course! I swear only their console division is capable of clear and sensible naming.

Their phone division is run by their camera division and unfortunately the naming makes sense in that situation

  • They’ve fallen seriously behind in software support. This will be mitigated by EU legislation forcing longer support, but it’ll still be behind Samsung/Google.

I think only Samsung and Google are doing 7 years of updates. Plus fun fact Sony releases Asop builds of newer versions of android 3 years after eol. But for some reason they won’t extend updates for their gms roms https://lemdro.id/pictrs/image/fb737914-22cf-4dfc-b367-9fa2258ac4ab.png


They removed the drm on phone released after 2019 with the start of the current Xperia 1/5/10 lineup.

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