Why do people hate people? - A question by 'curious kid' Daisy, age 9, Lake Oswego, Oregon

Understanding hate as an emotional response can help you recognize your feelings about something or someone and be curious about where those feelings are coming from. This awareness will give you time to gather more information and imagine the other person’s perspective.

So what is hate and why do people hate? There are many answers to these questions.


I’ve met enough of them! People… what a bunch of bastards!


Bastard coated bastards with bastard filling

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I don’t hate anyone in particular.

I do, however, hate “everyone”.

There are just so many small ways that people are insufferable.


Dealing with anger is complicated. Blaming your anger on some group of people is easy.


Probably, but as the article’s authors say, hate “does not mean rage, anger or general dislike”. It appears to be a different concept.

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In my unscientific opinion that will undoubtedly get shouted down by someone here, people hate people because they hate themselves or aspects about themselves.

The ego is fragile and cannot often handle direct known criticism, so people mirror their self hatred to others. Over time as this is practiced, the brain justifies reasons as to WHY they hate certain people. This helps the brain make sense of why they feel the way they do.

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