You can favorite applications in Plasma Search settings

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In my experience, at least with krunner, it would autosort after a while of selecting Firefox.

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Maybe it puts KDE applications first?

Like the firewall thing, might be plasma firewall settings.


Update: Renaming ‘Firewall’ to ‘Z-Firewall’ via the KDE Menu Editor has put Firewall below Firefox, and I’m using that as a workaround.

It’s pretty odd, since Firewall should already be below Firefox alphabetically. But there you go!

edit: ‘.Firewall’ works as well.


If you use it that often, why not just pin it to the taskbar or a keyboard shortcut?


It’s in my panel, sure. But sometimes I launch things from the menu too. It depends on what’s natural in the moment.


Being not in alphabetical order triggers me. But I know it’s search results so it shouldn’t be technically lol. Is it based on usage or simply something they overlooked? I gotta imagine usage would increase Firefox’s rating. But if they don’t track your usage how would they know?


I feel like it can’t be usage, because I launch Firefox all the time. Unless it’s something weird like launching the firewall daemon on system startup counting towards KRunner’s statistic…? I just don’t know what factors go into deciding that order.

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it seems like a general preference to system settings, even after ranking applications higher

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Unrelated to your question but which firewall app do you use?


Looks like ufw


The configurator is called firewall-config, but it’s configuring a daemon called firewalld. It think it’s from Redhat. Comes standard with Fedora and OpenSuse, among others.


Lmao i get the same whenever i wanna launch discord. Even if you do Discor it’ll show discover first for a second so youll launch it twice before learning to wait :)

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Just search “ord”



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Sure but you still gotta wait half a second for the filter to update or you’ll still open the wrong map. I do the same typing “discor” only to open Discover every damn time.


You can try changing the order in KDE’s menu editor. Or if you don’t need the firewall entry, remove it, again in the menu editor.


It’s already way below Firefox, so I don’t think that changes search order. I’ll probably end up removing it if there’s no other way. Far form ideal, though.


you cab change the srarch results for last used or more used app{ications, this gonna put firefox first


Where do you change that? I can’t find it in application launcher settings/plasma search settings


sorry, look like i can only change that with “application dashboard” and “application launcher” don’t have the same options :/


Its a new feature in KDE 6, are you using KDE 6?


Yes, do you know what the setting is called?


Plasma search likely. It is a global thing also used in KRunner to my knowledge


Try invoking krunner then clicking the settings icon next to the search bar, it should be there


Maybe the ordering of ‘favorite’ plugins is what you’re talking about? If moving those up or down prioritizes krunner results, it unfortunately won’t fix this, as both Firewall and Firefox are sorted under applications. It’s a step in the right direction though.


I see, you could edit the .desktop file of the firewall app to remove the word fire from its name and search terms


It’s* a new feature


its no tits

Sadge. :(


Actually both work in my opinion.

Its (possessive) a new feature (implied of KDE).

It’s (it is) a new feature.

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@then_three_more @itsnotits I don't see how "its a new feature" is grammatical, because we don't use "a" along with a possessive. "Its new feature" would be perfectly normal but I think "its a new feature" doesn't make sense.


I stand corrected.


The reason I wrote its and not it’s is that I was too lazy to correct it

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