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Where did the "Window Action" feature go? (docs.kde.org)

KDE 5 had a feature in the keyboard shortcuts in settings where you could set a Window Action as a trigger instead of a keyboard shortcut (Documentation in the link). This means that KDE would do something every time a certain window appeared. This was very useful, my use case was changing the TeamViewer authorization prompt to...

How to send DDC commands or run script on window focus

I have a monitor with multiple modes which include “standard” (good for most things) and “movie”. I want to conveniently switch modes when I change programs. Ideally giving keyboard focus to mpv or similar programs would switch the video mode to movie and taking keyboard focus away would switch it to standard....

Maybe I'm just new, but I just realized you can Ctrl-select or Ctrl-dblclick individual, separate pieces of text and copy them to the clipboard in one operation.

I have no idea how long this has been a thing, and maybe every clipboard works that way, not just Plasma, and I never realized it. It also lets you do things like Rt-click on it and do the regular operations like Search in Firefox. Spaces aren’t preserved unless you specifically select them but search engines seem to be able...

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