MCDM's Flee, Mortals! & Where Evil Lives is on Dndbeyond

Big fan of Matt Colville. I own Flee, Mortals the book and the PDF. I use the pdf in my games, but having everything in dndbeyond is also amazing. I think I’ll purchase it again and get Where Evil Lives too.

I’m stoked about all of the 3rd party content getting added such as Kobold Press. It’s making this digital stuff very worth it!

What does everyone else use and/or recommend?


I’m using flee mortals for my current campaign wherever possible, I have a werewolf quest planned, which isn’t in FM. Though I might pivot to a basilisk hunt.


That’s awesome! I threw in some Bugbear predators for Wave Echo Cave and ended up downing our Paladin. Oops!!!

I do like their basilisk too. I just like the reactions and extra things they add that give a little more flavor to the generic monsters.

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