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Prestidigitation shenanigans

I’m not sure if I understand how this cantrip works. I really want to use it for silly things, like having my fun-sized -1 strength rogue smack a table indignantly, sending sparks flying everywhere and leaving a black mark on the wood, or sneaking up to a guard and soiling their pants, but that doesn’t really work, does it?...

Need advice on multiclassing

Hey all, i am playing as a soulknive rogue in a curse of strahd campaign. ( fits the setting kinda) If i go to multiclass with bard which school should i choose? Or is this the complete wrong take? Is there another class which fits ok, like a fighter would be great for extra attack or a warlock to have a bit of spell backup....

Looking for some advice on OP players

Not really sure what to do about this situation. I have a group that meets monthly. We do a lot of roleplay, but a few of my players are very into being OP at combat. They want to build their characters the strongest and the best. So I alternatively get requests to both break rules and strictly apply rules so they’ll get...

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