Xperia 1vi Announcement live stream

Redjard, avatar

Shame they lost the display, that was the main benefit of the Xperia line for me.
Regular ~400 dpi screens look terrible and pixelated after being used to 650 dpi.

Guess I’ll have to hope another high dpi phone with headphone jack releases before mine dies.


They just said it is optimized for gaming and has a toggle to “optimize the CPU drive”… Can’t wait for this technological marvel.


Truly an optimization of all time


Please make it available worldwide


If we make it more exclusive, people feel special and want to buy it. If we make it even more exclusive, more people will want it. If we don’t sell it at all, everyone will want it, and we’ll make a bunch of money!


Not even google have their pixels worldwide… I’m in an EU country and we don’t have it officially.

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