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Google AI/O.


The preshow was better than the show itself. It felt so corporate and boring. They are just trying to please shareholders and not normal humans


A lot of telling us how good AI is and how Google is the best at it. I got a little excited when they said Gemini is going to change how we use our phones and I thought they might be announcing some big AI-forward redesign of Android, but it was just 3 things they’ve already launched, haha.

Context aware Gemini looks neat though.

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Ok I’m done watching the stream. Boring as hell.

Thank you for all the updates! Looking forward to tomorrow’s Android announcements.


Np I wish I could give you a time for when that will happen. I will also do the Xperia one as well in 8ish hours

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ai literally makes these conferences so boring. like i don’t care about a single thing they’re talking about here.


To be fair, whatever you talk about, it gets boring if you spend 2 hours talking about it

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Did they demo new Google Glasses :O


No unfortunately. We just a pair of smart glasses

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Audio has been pre-generated.

Not a great example after yesterday’s GPT-4o announcement which appeared to be live.

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Mishaal Rahman is the hardest working person in Android. I wish him all the success and recognition he should get.

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Thanks for posting! I’m looking forward to the Gemini announcements.


Np let me know if you find anything. Useful for me to post here!

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Jeff, you’re alive! Welcome back!


You know, I totally forgot that was today. LOL.


I miss ten years ago, when Googlers jumped out of a plane whilst in a Google Glass video call and landed straight into IO. Yeah it was a gimmick, but it got us all talking.

I miss when Android was less mature and had a lot of catching up to do, and IO was the delivery of all the exciting enhancements coming to Android.

It’s hard to get excited when the biggest announcements this year will be… “We made our AI better, buy our phone and you’ll be able to use it”.


Yes. I went to my first Google I/O 10 years ago and my second today.

2014: Introduced Android L, Android Wear, Android TV and Android Auto.

2024: Gemini Nano… still not publicly available to app developers. 💀

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