Cool, but why? Doesn’t really makes sense to run a desktop os in a vm on a touch device that doesn’t even support external screens via USB C


Hmm, but the new pixel 8 series do support display output over USB type-C after the March update.


Finally, it only took them 8 years to reach feature parity with Samsung

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oh, if that means i can use native linux apps on there like on regular chromeos, that would be so cool


Look into termux, proot, proot-distro and termux-x11

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Yeah that’d be a fun 8 months until they kill it

d3Xt3r, (edited )

You can already run Linux apps using Termux and Termux-X11, and I’d say the performance would be better than this demo, because this is running in a virtual machine and uses it’s own kernel, whereas with Termux you’re running your apps directly on top of the Android Linux kernel. Also, you don’t have the overhead of running ChromeOS on top of Android.

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I didn’t know about termux x11, I will check it out thanks!

AnAnonymous, (edited )

What’s the point into doing it?


Something like samsung Dex on regular android?


At the minimum, to show that Android is not a locked down walled-garden of a system and you’re free to choose what you can do with it to the point you can install a different OS on it?


Android is an os.


Nobody said it wasn’t.


He probably meant to say Open Source operating system.


You can already just install UbuntuTouch

AnAnonymous, (edited )

I believe it’s more a problem about SoC manufacturers than a problem of android by itself.

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