i like the folded look but i still don’t trust foldies for day to day use without pampering them


With time that will change. It’s like the 1st smartphones in the world. Not the best experience at 1st. But, now we have phones with processing power equal to desktops and the ability to do productive tasks on the go.


No one said anything about power.


I was giving an example about device improvements. The durability will continue to improve as tech moves forward.


To me the real issue is not trust in the design, but rather trust in the warranty/return/refund process. The technology is fairly new and still has potentially significant weaknesses that may leave the occasional customer with a damaged or completely broken phone through no fault of their own. To me, that is an acceptable and understandable problem and one that doesn’t inherently make the product unfit for sale to the general public. The real problem is that several manufacturers of these folding/flipping phones have warranty policies and/or practices that attempt to make the customer foot the bill for a defected product that they have not mishandled or mistreated in any way. Shane Craig has done a couple of videos on his experiences with a broken Pixel Fold and Google’s warranty service recently that highlight this practice. That is completely unacceptable and is definitely an extremely valid reason to avoid folding phones if you live in a country like the US with weak consumer laws.

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