Has anyone seen the blurry decoration font problem (with Aurorae themes) resurface with Plasma 6? (lemmy.world)

This was fixed for me since 5.27 but it resurfaced with 6.0. Breeze/Lightly/etc are fine; it’s Aurorae themes with fractional scaling in Wayland that have the issue. Not sure whether it’s a bug or something left over from somewhere in my system.

[Bug] Overview button stops working, all the time.. (lemmy.world)

Right, so for as long as I have had this phone (Sony Xperia 5 iii), I have encountered numerous issues. However, one that I cannot for the life of me not figure out is why my Overview Button stops working. I dont know how to reproduce it, I’m pretty certain it happens at random, when pressing the button....

Just Updated a D&D Website I've been building - would love feedback! (lemmy.world)

Hey everyone! I’ve been working on this D&D tool called DNDToolbox for a few years now on and off as a passion project. I just released some new features that I would love feedback on! It’s a free site (no ads, no registration required) where DM’s can generate random items, encounters and NPCs to use in your sessions. You...

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