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What are your thoughts on self-diagnosis being belittled by many in the autistic community?

For clarity, I’m not asking to start a debate, just a genuine discussion. I currently don’t have the option to get a diagnosis, but feel fairly confident that the research I’ve done over the past year and a half has been legitimate and credible.

I don’t feel comfortable saying that I am definitively autistic, but I am ok with saying I’m “self-suspecting.” @actuallyautistic

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@Tooden @darrellpf @pathfinder @janetlogan @actuallyautistic So interesting, for YEARS I have told people I get “tunnel vision” when I become focused. Go figure…

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@chevalier26 @pathfinder @janetlogan @actuallyautistic I did not think that I was autistic until I was in my 30s.

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Is there a term in the autistic world for "outing" someone? In the gay world we have often very accurate "gaydar".

I was watching a mom and son on a television show. On one hand I want to talk about them and their interaction, but on the other hand I don't feel right about "diagnosing" them, particularly in a public way.


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@darrellpf @actuallyautistic

I would follow the gay world's example and say “absolutely not.” As always, it comes down to agency and consent.

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@felyashono @darrellpf @actuallyautistic
In terms of fictional characters and tv or film representation, I feel that it is fair. But, for real people, I agree totally. The unfortunate truth is, that it isn't always safe for people to be "outed" as either as gay or neurodivergent. Plus, both require a degree of self-awareness that they may not be ready for.

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What do you do when you have reached a ‘reading block’? I have a small primer to read and have no motivation whatsoever to complete it. I must add that I have also just finished a seven hundred odd page philosophy book.


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@merileedkarr @bookstodon Thank you for the kind advice. I have taken two walks today.

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@bibliolater @bookstodon Go for a long, vigorous bicycle ride up a mountain. You'll love the view.

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A statement from an emergency worker in Rafah:
"Most of the bodies were charred and burned, while the injured people lost limbs and suffered other injuries due to the use of internationally prohibited weapons that caused the massive fire which erupted. We pulled out approx 50 people and injured people from the area and transported them to field hospitals after official hospitals were forced to evacuate in an attempt to destroy the health system in the Rafah area”


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@MikeImBack @appassionato @palestine

But that's okay, he's better than trump

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@Mary625 @appassionato @palestine exactly. that's how they keep getting away with this shit.

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@kshernandez @blackmastodon @disability has does a nigger-bitch have the surname "Hernandez" ?? are you some Spaniard aristocrats' escaped property ??

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A Palestinian child, wounded in an Israeli strike on an area designated for displaced people, is assisted at a hospital in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, May 26, 2024 [Moaz Abu Taha/ Reuters]


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@appassionato @palestine judíos asesinos, el holocausto de Gaza pesará en sus cabezas

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A statement from an emergency worker in Rafah:

“We received a distress call after the area behind Al Baraksat was targeted, even though the Israeli occupation had marked that particular block as a safe zone and forced citizens to move there. It took us approximately 45 minutes to suppress the fire in the area, and we pulled out a number of dead bodies and injured people."


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@appassionato @palestine Looks mostly peaceful to me.

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MEAction : Celebrating An Impactful Campaign

"Over the past several months, clinicians and medical students across the U.S. have attended presentations, roundtables and conferences to learn about ME/CFS – and how to take the Mayo Clinic Proceedings Continuing Medical Education course on ME/CFS."



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In the UK, UK advocates pulled off a wonderful Postcard to Doctors Campaign encouraging medication professionals to take a CPD module on ME"


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Ready for beta readers for the third book in a series. For those of you who write series where each book builds on the next and are meant to be read in order, what do you do if you lose your beta readers? How do you find new ones? It's a much bigger ask if they need to read three books!

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@SnerkRabbledauber @bookstodon

If I were in that fortunate position, I would write up a fairly detailed summary of the first two books to give your new beta readers.

SnerkRabbledauber, avatar

@RaePatterson @bookstodon

Good idea! Thanks.

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Yinon Magal, one of Israel's prominent journalists, celebrates the burning of Palestinians alive in an UNRWA displacement camp in .

According to Tv. ratings, more than 250,000 Israelis tune in to watch Magal's show every night.

@palestine @israel

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Disgusting beyond words

@palestine @israel


Israelis showing the world the worst of a supremacists society's behavior.
@palestine @israel

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> makes you crazy and criminal, provokes epilepsy and tuberculosis, and has killed thousands of French people. It makes a ferocious beast of man, a martyr of woman, and a degenerate of the infant, it disorganises and ruins the family and menaces the future of the country.

Still trying to find the original (presumably French) source of this quote from French deputé and leader Henri Schmidt. As far as I can tell it dates from the early 1900s, possibly 1911.


drinkswriter, avatar

And here's another from the same guy:

"The real characteristic of absinthe is that it leads straight to the madhouse or the courthouse. It is truly ‘madness in a bottle’ and no habitual drinker can claim that he will not become a criminal."

He really didn't like




I'm guessing he was an armagnac drinker?

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I had this very odd conjecture thought to my self.

In a sense could there be no such thing as Neurotypical?

As everyone is Neurodiverse.🙄

People are just trying to pretend to do social norms as kids.

People get to adult age, they forget they are pretending.
Get to living
As they get older they don’t care about pretending as much.

Unless they are fundamental pretenders, which are advocates for social norms and traditions.


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Perhaps NT is just the label for those fundamentalist.

neurodiverse and neurodivergent largely has to do with the way people think of how they see the world feel the world, to some extent.

Without getting into neurobiology and pathological origins most of us hate.

Perceptions do shape reality.

If everyone is mirroring social norms to each other it’s recursive learning as we are all models?

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Neurodivergence is a fundamental difference in the way someone's brain works and how they perceive the world.

Its called neurodivergence because it accounts for a minority of the population. The majority of the population have brains that work in similar ways, and they are neurotypical.

Neurodivergence is not just a rejection of social norms.


faab64, to israel

The Israeli army justifies the bombing and burning of the displaced in an UNRWA displacement camp in , claiming that it is “a compound”.

The displaced camp, which was designated as a safe area to which thousands of civilians were pushed, was targeted with 8 bombs, killing at least 35, most of whom are women and children.

@palestine @israel


Death toll has reached 50, from the Israeli airstrikes on the United Nations refugee camps.


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Israel kills dozens of Palestinians sheltering at a displacement camp in Rafah - YouTube

Horrific! Targeting a tent camp full of displaced people, in an area that Israel said was "safe". And Israel calls this justified and legal. And even worse, the US continues to support Israel.



It's truly sickening.


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A fascinating article about medieval wetlands, healing, and royal control by Claudia Moreira Calzadilla and Nina Witteman.

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@CandaceRobbAuthor @medievodons

Interesting! Possible plot line??

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Why do they do this.


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@ashleyspencer @actuallyautistic I’ve noticed this with my own family. If I suggest my traits are autism in a calm environment, then suddenly “everyone does those things, that’s normal” and I’m just “gifted”. But as soon as those traits are seen as negative and there is a high stress environment, no longer are they things “everyone does”. Suddenly I am weird or, worse, lazy, ungrateful, entitled, oversensitive, etc.

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@ashleyspencer @actuallyautistic I believe they need this. They need to have the last word, to be the "winner"
They decide who is right or wrong because they believe they know.
We just don't give a damn.

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Last evening, I stubbed my big toe on my right foot. I don't remember doing it, which given how bad it was, is strange. You see, I broke the nail and exposed the nail bed.

I discovered it around 6pm, and it wasn't really painful at that point. Then, sometime later, I knocked that loose nail off of my toe entirely. Then it began to really hurt.

I'm currently NOT wearing the compression socks for my as they are very tight on the foot. I won't be doing so for awhile.



@janetlogan Owwww. I stubbed my big toe while on holiday. It's still bruised at the joint!

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🇯🇵 🇺🇸 The reason Japan attacked Pearl Harbor

Japan attacked the U.S Pacific Fleet at its base at Pearl Harbor on the 7th of December 1941, but what led to that decision? Why did the Japanese attack the USA? - The answer is oil.

length: thirteen minutes and fifty one seconds.

@histodon @histodons

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@histodon @histodons At some point along the line is not always about ?

bibliolater, avatar

@histodon @histodons At some point along the line is it not always about ?

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"Hamas demands the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to issue arrest and detention orders against all war criminals, including occupation leaders, officers and soldiers who participated in crimes against the Palestinian people. It also demands the cancellation of all arrest warrants issued against Palestinian resistance leaders, as these warrants violate international conventions and resolutions [Article 51 of the UN Charter].

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@NotImpressed @palestine

Same goes for those that murdered more than 1200 Israelis in cold blood. Do not forget.

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In 2024, the meaning of “pro-Israel, pro-peace” is macabre: J Street supports U.S. military aid to Israel as it carries out a genocide. Liberal American Zionism has revealed itself to only be a tool for the subjugation of the Palestinian people.

@palestine @israel

zeev2, avatar

@mondoweiss @palestine @israel

God help the innocent Jewish people who will now have to endure an enormous turbocharged increase in terroristic antisemitism as Netanjahu's and the Israeli state's genocidal legacy.

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I have to admit: I was worried about my trip to Italy. My wife was as well.

It's the first time we've travelled away from home in years - since before COVID - and also the first time since I discovered that I'm Autistic.

I was worried about what unmasking has done to my ability to cope with change, disruption to routine and the chaos and unpredictability of travel.

I used everything that I've learned about being Autistic in the last 10 months, and I actually overestimated how stressful and taxing it would be. By doing so, I planned for a lot of downtime. Taking time off work - and not trying to balance work with travel - has also helped tremendously. It has let me focus on travel and rest.

My wife has a chronic illness, which means she needs just as much - if not more - downtime than I do, which helps avoid conflict between our energy levels and motivation. The pace of our travels seems to work well for both of us.

We planned for two full days in Venice. We spent all day yesterday walking and exploring, and today we're mostly staying in our hotel and recharging. We've both become better tuned to our needs, and we both need this downtime before we move on to the last leg of our trip in Rome.

I do expect this coming week to be a bit more challenging, as I'm returning to work while we're still in Italy. But the last couple of weeks has given me more confidence in my ability to recognize, plan and advocate for my needs, and I'm confident that will carry over into this week as well.

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@dave @kliplet @actuallyautistic

That sounds lovely! I’m a bit ambivalent about airbnbs @ similar, but if you’re somewhere long enough to buy & cook local produce, that’s the way to do it of course. We did that in Salerno & La Spezia.

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@dave @kliplet @actuallyautistic
Pompeii wasn’t crowded when we went, & I liked Herculaneum better, although both were amazing.

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